Tensile Rubber (Pty) Ltd can manufacture components according to customer design and specification but also designs and develops new components in-house. These components are rubber and/or rubber-metal composites which perform specific functions such as isolating vibration, absorbing shock, accommodating misalignment or providing a seal or insulation. These specific functions are found on all vehicles, whether they are passenger vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, tractors or army tanks; for use on-road or off-road, railway wagons, locomotives, ships or aircrafts.


Only the severity or specification requirement of each application that is differ from vehicle to vehicle. Tensile Rubber can offer a comprehensive, vertically integrated suite of services from the initial concept and design right through to manufacture, test and supply.


Where very sophisticated development work is required, the CSIR are contracted to assist in this work. The Technical Department will conduct a thorough analysis of the functions that a component must perform in the integral system of the vehicle and determine the properties and characteristics that must be achieved through a proper design of the component.


Expertise and Quality Management

The company has in-house expertise in the design, formulation and manufacture of elastomeric components. Tensile Rubber’s laboratory facilities, which could be regarded as one of the best in the African Continent,  include static and dynamic test facility with simultaneous environmental control, if required.


The quality management system conforms to ISO 9001:2008.

Products and Applications

Tensiles' Automotive range of components is extremely wide and are used for the Original Equipment Automotive and Assemblers. These products include window glazing and door seals as well as hoses (plain, reinforced and moulded) for heating and cooling systems as well as fuel and oil breathers.


The core business products are for the engine bay, engine, gearbox mounts and damping blocks as well as protective boots for the CV joints and steering arms. Gaskets and seals for radiators and heat exchanges as well as vibration absorbing mounts for such components also form a significant part of the business.


Suspension and stabilising bar brushes, exhaust hangers and a host of general rubber mouldings are also produced for the assembly plants.


The company has been involved in the rail suspension units since 1972, when components for the world renowned South African Blue Train were first produced. Since then, considerable design and development involvement with the rail applications has enabled Tensile to gained competence in the area of Rail and off-the-road (ORT). Suspension for the revolutionary "self-steering" bogies is a recent innovation as well as a range of products for for rail applications which include: 


Primary and secondary suspension of bogeys for locomotives, coaches and wagons


Traction Motor suspension for locomotives and motor coaches


Engine suspension for diesel locomotives 


Displacement control with axle box guidance and weight transfer control


Bolster anchors


Dampers and buffer stops


Shaft couplings


Resilient gear wheel and draw gear elements


Tensiles’ components are used throughout the off-the road equipment range for mining, quarrying, construction and forestry industries, to protect equipment and operators in extreme conditions. These components include resilient mounts for engine and cabs, axle location elements, suspension brushes, couplings and buffers.


Tensile Rubber can assist in areas of the industrial sector where problems arise from vibration, misalignment or pressure. An example of the components for the industrial markets are bridge bearing pads, where a standard range of products are available or special designs are undertaken for particular projects for the construction industry; container door seals, flexible couplings and vibration mounts for static engines, compressors and generators are also produced.